Cherokee Queen I 
 The Grand Lake Queen's older sister, the Cherokee Queen, has been part of Grand Lake’s long storied history since the 1940’s. 

Even after sinking to the bottom, under mysterious circumstances in 1962, her personal journey was not yet complete. After several failed attempts, the Cherokee Queen paddleboat was later brought back to the surface where memorable excursions eventually resumed. 
Cherokee Queen I (the smaller and older of the 
two paddlewheel riverboats). This was how she 
looked originally. She had much renovation done 
to her over the years.This would be circa 1949.
Picture of "Ketch" on left and T-Bone on right. 
They are the two men who conceived of the boat 
and commissioned her. They are sitting by the 
wheelhouse when she is nearly completed. 
T-Bone and his family operated the boat.
First of an article that appeared in the 
Tulsa World (1949) regarding the boat.
The night before the official opening of the boat. 
Left to right: Aly Casan, Dena Allen, T-Bone, Mac Dorchester, 
Les Allen (T-Bone-s son), Billi Allen (T-Bone's wife), 
Jeanette Allen (T-Bone's daughter) and GW Flinn.
Front page of Tulsa Tribune paper 
dated 5/11/49 that pictures scenes from 
the junior/senior prom aboard the CQ. 
This is the senior class (and sponsors) 
who were on the boat for prom.
Written in the voice of the CQ and talks 
about her sinking and being lifted out of the lake 
and renovated. Written in 1974. 
One letter (of many) sent between the Darby Corporation 
and T-Bone Allen regarding building of the Cherokee Queen. 
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